Archives for April 7, 2021

Good News!

Good news! My heart reverted to a normal sinus rhythm last Friday evening, so I have had no atrial fibrillation between then and now, which I see as an answer to the prayers of many of you, and for which I am very grateful.

The doctors I have consulted have encouraged me to proceed to speak at the Twin Lakes Fellowship conference in Mississippi (about 180 conservative Presbyterian pastors are present, mostly PCA—see picture below), so Mary and I have been enjoying our time here in Florence, Mississippi. My assignment is to give three evening addresses on revival. On Monday evening, I spoke on “‘Understanding the Age of the Spirit and Revival.” Last night, I spoke on “Praying Earnestly and Enduring Steadily for the Revival of God’s Work.” Tonight I hope to close the conference with an address on “Rend the Heavens, Lord, and Our Hearts!”

I am enjoying my time with many brothers, including Ray Rhodes, pictured below, an RHB author who is working on a biographical book on the lives of a number of Puritan women who were known for their godliness. RHB book sales have been brisk at this conference, which is always a healthy sign.