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Berean Baptist Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan

We just arrived at the Berean Baptist Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan, where I will be speaking six times this weekend, beginning this evening at 7:00 p.m. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Two New Booklets

We are grateful to receive two new booklets: “Preach the Gospel” by Martin Rizley, with a foreword by Paul Washer (RHB), is a 20-page booklet that sets forth what gospel preaching is and why it is essential. Rizley shows us why it should be preeminent in the preacher’s heart and in the church’s worship and then summarizes how it should be done: intelligently, faithfully, lovingly, diligently, confidently, and prayerfully.

The second booklet I am holding is my “What is Resurrection?” in Indonesian (40 pages; P&R), published by Momentum Christian Literature. Pray that God will mightily bless both of these little books.

Lunch With the Queen

The Queen and I enjoying our Monday lunch getaway with a local salmon meal at Mission BBQ. After more than 3 decades, Mary is still my favorite person to go out to lunch with!

Weekly Sermon Quote — April 11, 2021

Great News!

Monday I went through a 3-hour stress test to check out my heart and health, and just received the welcome news from my cardiologist that all is well. God is so gracious and good. Thank Him with me for these very encouraging results—also for my heart continuing in a normal sinus rhythm for three weeks now and granting renewed energy and desire to engage in His work. I am deeply grateful for your prayers and love and best wishes over the past few months. What a gift genuine Christian friendship is; I believe in “the communion of saints”!

Enjoying Our Time With Dr. Conrad Mbewe

My wife and I are thoroughly enjoying having Dr. Conrad Mbewe from Zambia staying in our home with us this week. Lots of good fellowship.
Here he is teaching one of my classes this afternoon at Puritan Reformed Seminary in Grand Rapids (picture above). He’s not only a great preacher, by God’s grace, but also a great teacher. He stressed three major points with our students: Give yourself to a lifelong study of (1) Scripture, (2) human nature, and (3) proven preachers. Masterful!

This evening we had a stimulating dinner with him and Rev. Eric and Julie Maynard who came over from Grand Blanc, Michigan (picture above), after which Conrad gave a stimulating presentation on the African Christian University (picture below), which hopes to open a master’s degree for training ministerial students in two weeks.

Upcoming Conferences in Ridgecrest, North Carolina

I will be speaking together with Paul Washer and others in Ridgecrest, North Carolina at the Singles Conference on May 19 on “Singleness: Biblical Propositions and Practical Advice,” and at the Theology of the Family Conference on May 20-22 on “The Family in the Psalms” and “The Family in Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.”

For details about these conferences, or to register, click on the links below:

A Singles Conference — Holiness to the Lord:

Theology of the Family Conference — Exploring God’s Beautiful Design:

Dr. Conrad Mbewe

We are honored to host our esteemed friend, Dr. Conrad Mbewe from Zambia, in our home this week. He arrived safely this afternoon from Arkansas shortly after we returned home from Tennessee.

In addition to teaching a few classes for me this week, you are invited to attend three of his speaking occasions with us: (1) our Puritan Reformed Seminary chapel this week Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. (2965 Leonard NE, Grand Rapids); (2) our church service tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 540 Crescent, NE, Grand Rapids, at 7:15 p.m., where he will be preaching; and (3) his informational meeting on the African Christian University (a ministry that he is deeply involved in promoting), on Thursday evening at our seminary at 7:00 p.m.

Pray that God will bless all the addresses and meetings he is leading this week to His own glory and the maturation of His people.

Heading Home

On our way home now after spending a special weekend with the folk at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, where I preached six times on solus Christus and did a QA time with some young people (see picture above), and had some very special meals/visits with several of the ministers and elders and their families.

From left to right in the picture above, are Pastor Rob Dykes (newly ordained as senior pastor of this flock), Pastor Brent Bradley (who is preaching his farewell sermon this coming Lord’s Day after serving this flock for 38 years!), and Pastor Steven Warhurst (who is in year 20 of serving this flock).

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee

I am enjoying speaking six times this weekend at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee on living to the glory of Christ alone. This is the fourth time I’ve had the privilege of serving this special church, but the first time that Mary is with me here. I am so grateful that she can share in this positive experience. It is also wonderful to catch up with friends of many years and to make new ones. Pray for God’s rich blessing on this conference.