North Carolina & Florida

Yesterday we had a wonderful Lord’s Day serving the Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It was good to preach there on the subject of faith as it relates to the past, the present, and the future. The pastors, Scott Brown and Michael Davenport, asked me a series of questions in an afternoon Q&A session. Evening fellowship with the Noah and Brown families and some friends from the church and visitors to the conference at the Noahs’ home (see picture below) was thoroughly enjoyable as we reminisced on God’s ways and marvelous doings in relation to a number of God-fearing people and God-glorifying subjects.

This morning Mary and I are winging our way to Florida for several days of a much-needed vacation at a quiet condo. In addition to spending quality time with my dear wife, I hope to enjoy editing a final typeset copy of volume 3 of Reformed Systematic Theology on the Holy Spirit and His work of salvation (1200 pages). Please pray for a restful, re-energizing time for us, and for sweet fellowship with the Lord and each other.

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