Archives for February 23, 2021

The Sermons of the Rev. Samuel Davies (3 vol.)

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones felt that Samuel Davies (1723-1761) was the greatest preacher America ever produced. I am excited that we (Reformation Heritage Books) have just reprinted his 3 volumes of sermons containing 82 sermons in 2000 pages on many important biblical, doctrinal, experiential, and practical subjects. Davies is easy to read, was a very gifted evangelist, and became well-known for his preaching both of law and of gospel. You will treasure these volumes.

Prayer Requests

Please remember us this week as we return to full-time teaching, as the Board of Trustees meets to interview several men for prospective faculty positions, and especially as we have two funerals to lead of very dear members of our church family who have been taken home: Betty VanderStel who passed away at the age of 88 (her funeral will take place at our Heritage Reformed Church on Thursday at 1:00 p.m.) and George VanStrien, who was on the cusp of turning 100 (his funeral will also take place at the HRC Church at 11:00 on Friday which coincides with his birth 100 years ago—his wife Edith died at age 95 less than 12 weeks ago). Both funerals will be live-streamed from our church:

Please remember these mourning families in prayer.