Archives for February 16, 2021

Surviving the Fishbowl

Reformation Heritage Books just received its latest new title: “Surviving the Fishbowl: Letters to Pastors’ Kids,” edited by Catherine Stewart. As far as I know, this is the first good book for pastors’ kids. It covers numerous issues, including identity crisis, expectations, friendships, loving the church, criticism, loneliness, cultural change, depression, rebellion, financial crisis, and counting blessings.

Contributors include pastors and their wives, as well as pastors’ kids. My wife and I had the happy task of writing the chapter, “Count Your Blessings: Enjoying the benefits of Being a PK.” Pray for God’s benediction on this book not only for pastors and their families, but also for laypeople as they seek to understand pastors and their families and learn how to reach out more effectively to them.