Reformed Systematic Theology Reading Plans

Chapel Library graciously wrote up, typeset, and published a one year five-day per week reading plan for each of the first two volumes of “Reformed Systematic Theology” by Paul Smalley and me, averaging about four pages a day. A goodly number of people are using this plan for their daily devotional reading and are finding it useful and edifying.

Volume 1 (1300 pages) covers the doctrine of revelation and the character of God, and Volume 2 (1360 pages) covers the doctrines of man and of Christ. You can receive these reading plans free of charge from or

If you don’t have the books yet, RHB is offering both volumes at 50% discount at the present time. Each chapter aims to explain a particular doctrine of Scripture to you from a biblical, historical, experiential, practical, and doxological perspective, so that you will never say again that doctrine is dull or dry. Rather, as Luther said, “Doctrine is heaven”—for “by these things men live!”

Vol. 1:

Vol. 2:

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