Archives for January 23, 2021

My Queen is Back!

I’ve just got my Queen back! She spent the last 3.5 days in Florida babysitting three of our grandchildren there so that their parents could also have some good husband-wife time. 

My Dad used to say about my Mother, “The older we get the more we need each other.” Isn’t that the truth—actually, it’s an understatement! I missed her a lot—like ¾ of me was missing; its great to feel “complete” again.

How to Cope With Unjust Criticism

We are living in extraordinary times.

Are you experiencing unjust criticism as a disciple of your Savior and Lord in the midst of these tumultuous times? Do you feel like your cross is too heavy for you to bear? You may find peace by looking to Jesus Christ who was falsely accused to the max, was even called a devil, and then was crucified live on a cross.

As you look to Him by Spirit-given grace and faith, remember four things:

  1. Remember that He said that a servant is not greater than his Lord and as they have done to Him, so they will do to you. Don’t be surprised by painful, unjust criticism.
  2. Remember to pray that the Holy Spirit will sanctify the criticism to your soul and life, fulfilling His own promise that all things will work together for good to those who love God.
  3. Remember to pray for grace to carry your end of the cross submissively and to His glory.
  4. Remember that Christ will outlast your critics and vindicate you—if not here, then hereafter.

Don’t faint. Keep on keeping on; run the race of faith by setting aside sin and by looking to Jesus, the Author and finisher of your faith (Heb. 12:1-2). I wish you a rich measure of His grace to carry your end of the heavy cross of unjust criticism.

For more on coping with criticism, see “Pastors and Their Critics: A Guide to Coping with Criticism in the Ministry,” by Nick Thompson and me. (Ninety percent of this book is applicable to any Christian facing criticism—not just pastors.)

Studies in Puritanism and Piety Journal

We have now posted our second issue of a relatively new online periodical, “Studies in Puritanism and Piety Journal,” which is edited by Crawford Gribben, Adriaan Neele, Herman Selderhuis, Jan van de Kamp, Greg Salazar, and me.

The newly posted issue contains articles on the reception of Richard Baxter’s writings, William Ames on the authority of conscience, and spiritual warfare in Puritan practical divinity. If you feel ministered to by the Puritans, you will enjoy reading this periodical!