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New Building for Reformation Heritage Books in Grand Rapids

Dear Reformation Heritage Books friend,

We have some good news to share with you. Because of growth, Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) is stretched beyond capacity within the walls of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (PRTS) building. We have therefore been researching other possibilities to increase warehousing and office space. We prayerfully investigated ways to stay onsite at PRTS, potential new plots of land where we could build, and considered properties as they appeared.

In God’s providence our urgent need took a sudden turn for the better on the morning of Thursday, September 3rd, when the Seven’s Paint property came on the market. That evening we spoke both with the officers of the PRTS Board of Trustees and the RHB Board. Both meetings resulted in a unanimous vote that we should put a bid on the building immediately. The RHB Board agreed to bid $1.8 million to include the office furniture, racking, and other helpful fixtures and fittings. Everyone felt that this was an excellent opportunity and both ministries stressed that if the purchase went through, both PRTS and RHB should investigate ways to intentionally keep our relationship close in the future. (Seven’s Paint is a 12-minute drive from PRTS.) 

The following Tuesday our bid was accepted, even though we were not the highest bidder. In direct answer to prayer, the owner is a Reformed Christian and desired that we should be the buyers. We are greatly humbled by God’s mercies to us.

For the next few months we underwent all the required inspections and much planning work took place to enable the renovation of the building for its new purpose. Two days ago, December 7, we took ownership. The new RHB building comprises a large retail store, offices, loading docks, and a warehouse that provides 28,000 square feet on the ground floor plus an additional 16,000 square feet on a second floor for future expansion. There is a lot of work to be done: Computer equipment and software, fixtures and fittings for the bookstore, fixes to equipment in the warehouse, work needed on the roof, air conditioning and heating, and replacing flooring, ceilings and decorating throughout—about $700,000 of costs in all. The total comes to $2.5 million.  Below is an architect rendition of what the new building should look like and a photo of RHB chairman, Joel Beeke, and C.E.O., David Woollin, after signing the transfer of ownership.

Since RHB is a non-profit ministry that is just grateful to stay in the black, we prayed that God would enable us to raise the $2.5 million in donations by the end of this year or early next year. We are very grateful and deeply humbled to report that, due to God’s kindness and the generosity of His people, as of this moment $2.3 million has been raised, so we have only $200,000 more to go. If you should desire to partner with us at this time and help us close the gap on the remaining shortfall, we would be most grateful. Any donation you send will be doubled by a generous donor.

Most renovations will take place in January through March and we then hope to open in April, the Lord willing. Since the new bookstore is about six or seven times larger than our current store, and located only one block off of the famously busy 28th Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are hoping to have a greater impact in our community through walk-in customers and also hope to incorporate our used book ministry into the store.

Finally, please do not feel any obligation to send in a donation but do keep RHB in your prayers as we make this major transition. Pray that the needed funds will be donated in a timely way and that the Lord’s hand of favor will continue to be on RHB so that we will be enabled to serve you even better in the future and enlarge the ministry of the church. Many, many thanks. Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions. Every blessing to you and your family in the born Christ-King and for 2021.


Joel Beeke, Board Chair of RHB, and David Woollin, C.E.O. of RHB

NOTE: RHB is a non-profit ministry that curates and distributes solid Reformed and Puritan books and distributes them at reduced prices. We also supply free and highly subsidized books to pastors in poorer countries where they are relatively expensive.

So Much to Be Grateful For…

Today is special for me not just because it is my 68th birthday, but because I was installed in my present church on my 34th birthday 34 years ago—and because I wish to testify that God has been superlatively good to me all these years, trials notwithstanding—yes, because of trials given as needed. He does all things well, despite my sin and unworthiness.

I have so much to be grateful for. I love my God, my Queen, my family, my work at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and for Reformation Heritage Books, and my work as an author (I often feel closest to God when I write for His glory).

But today, I especially think of Christ’s bride, His church; I can scarcely believe that I have been serving our dear church family for half of my life. I love the Heritage Reformed Congregation of 540 Crescent, Grand Rapids with all my heart—my colleagues in the ministry there, the elders and deacons, the members, the children and young people. It is truly a privilege to serve them. Today, I set up an Ebenezer stone with tears of joy: “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us!”

Soli Deo gloria!

Geoff Thomas & Gary Brady

What a beautiful sight—my great pastor friends, Geoff Thomas, and his son, Gary Brady, in the UK, joyful to send me a picture of themselves holding my new book coauthored with Paul Smalley, “Reformed Systematic Theology, vol. 2: Man and Christ” (Crossway).

Yes, Reformed doctrine ought to make us truly joyful as believers. Like Martin Luther said, “Doctrine is heaven!”—for by these things men live.

Get your copy here:

Dinner with the Queen

Last night I treated Mary to dinner at a local restaurant that had outdoor heated dining in an enclosed patio. The food was great. The heater worked for our faces but not for our backs or legs, but we made do with winter coats! Hey, it was worth it just to enjoy being with the Queen—she’s the best!