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Mary at Three

Tonight we are looking at some old slides from Mary’s family with our entire family. Here is a picture of my lovely queen at the age of three. Wasn’t she cute already?

Lifting Each Other Up

In this less than 2-minute video, I stress the blessing and importance of verbally affirming your spouse as you seek to build a godly marriage. Are you actively affirming your spouse every day?

Soli Deo Gloria!

My colleague, Dr. Maarten Kuivenhoven, brought us a wonderful message from Psalm 8 this morning, directing us to the born King-Babe of Bethlehem based on Hebrews 2. Then we had a blessed time of fellowship with our family at our son’s home. God’s goodness to us in Christ is beyond words.

Every blessing to you and your family in Immanuel and His glorious incarnation today. May you glean comfort from the words of B. B. Warfield:

“The glory of the incarnation is that it presents to our adoring gaze not a humanized God or a deified man, but a true God-man—one who is all that God is and at the same time all that man is: one on whose almighty arm we can rest, and to whose human sympathy we can appeal.”

Soli Deo gloria!

2021 Puritan Reformed Conference — Tickets Now on Sale!

Early Bird Tickets Now on Sale — 2021 Puritan Reformed Conference

Tickets are now on sale for the 2021 Puritan Reformed Conference. The theme of next year’s conference is “The Grace of the Gospel.”

Register before midnight (EST) on December 31, 2020 and get the Early Bird Discount rate of 33% off.

Visit the conference website to register:

Back in Print! Puritan Reformed Theology: Historical, Experiential, and Practical Studies

Good news! My “Puritan Reformed Theology: Historical, Experiential, and Practical Studies” (750 pages; RHB—covering 41 subjects) which was first printed several months ago but sold out in a matter of several weeks, is now back in print again—the second printing having arrived today. So you can still get a copy in time for year-end giving

Single copy

3 pack

The Christian Teacher as Office-bearer

Late yesterday afternoon RHB received a few thousand copies of my new little book, “The Christian Teacher as Office-bearer” (64 pages; published by Free Grace Press).

I wrote this for Christian schoolteachers, Sunday school teachers, homeschoolers, and teaching elders, etc., to show how we should use the biblical prophet-priest-king model as a paradigm for teaching children.

Pray please that God will use and bless it in the lives of many teachers.

A Radical, Comprehensive Call to Holiness

I am excited to announce that our RHB shipment of 4000 copies of “A Radical, Comprehensive Call to Holiness” (472 pages), co-authored by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Michael Barrett, and me, has just arrived from Scotland where it was published by Christian Focus.

We have written 15 chapters each and divided the chapters into 8 sections: Holiness Defined, Holiness Exegeted, Holiness Practiced, Holiness Promoted, Holiness Tested, Holiness Distorted, Holiness Consummated. Both Dr. Barrett and I believe that this is one of the most important books we have ever written, as this critical subject is so minimized in our day of practical antinomianism.

Pray with us that this book will be greatly blessed to thousands of Christians and their families around this globe—including each one of us. Would to God that we would all pray with Robert Murray M`Cheyne, “Lord, make me as holy as a pardoned sinner can be!”

For gift-giving, we are presently offering this book at 50% discount if you purchase 3 copies (one for yourself and two to give away):

The Family at Church

In this podcast, Scott Brown and I discuss the books we have written on the topic of the family at church. We hope to encourage families to understand the importance of the local church, and how each of our books can assist families to engage local church life to the fullest.

The Buck Stops Here

I’m always grateful when my son Calvin harvests a good-size 8-point buck which is nearly every year. Well, he did it again a few days ago. Mary and I are often the beneficiaries—the venison is great!

He sure didn’t get his professional hunting skills from me. It is just in him. (Actually, when I have gone hunting with him, whether in Michigan or South Africa, there is a stark role reversal: he becomes the Dad and I become the son to be taught.)

Of one thing I am sure, just as you can’t take farming out of a farmer, you can’t take hunting out of a hunter.


I just finished my full-time teaching for 2020 at Puritan Reformed Seminary an hour ago so we are celebrating for that and for my birthday at the Green Well Restaurant’s outdoor patio with a flame of love between us!

God has been so gracious to bring us through this semester and this year, despite experiencing COVID and then the challenges to catch up post-COVID with the backlog of work waiting for me.

Soli Deo Gloria!