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Equipping You in Grace — Reformed Systematic Theology: Volume 2

On a recent Equipping You in Grace podcast, Dave Jenkins and I discuss the release of Reformed Systematic Theology: Volume 2: Man and Christ (Crossway, 2020). Topics include the image of God, responding to attacks on gender and penal substitutionary atonement, the High Priestly ministry of Jesus, and suffering.

You can order your copy here:

Weekly Sermon Quote – November 15, 2020

What Happens When We Worship

We have released another new title at Reformation Heritage Books: “What Happens When We Worship,” by Jonathan Cruse, an OPC pastor serving in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Having been privileged to edit this able work, I can assure you that it is a page-turning book that explains what is really going on when we worship our holy and gracious triune God corporately.

If true believers would embrace this high and moving view of worship, I believe the church would soon see much greater days of repentance, reformation, and revival.

A Holy Fear: Trading Lesser Fears for the Fear of the Lord

I am grateful to announce that Christina Fox’s new book, “A Holy Fear: Trading Lesser Fears for the Fear of the Lord” (Reformation Heritage Books) is now available in print.

As an editor, I can affirm that this well-written book on such a critical subject is not only sorely needed, especially in our day of multiple fears, but will also, by the Spirit’s grace, move you to a greater fear of the Lord by helping you worship Him and by shrinking your lesser fears.

This is a great, practical, easy-to-read, powerful book—a must read for any Christian who wants to grow in grace and godly fear.

Trinity United Reformed Church in Visalia, California

Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching twice for the Trinity United Reformed Church in Visalia, California—a church of about 450 people. It was a joy for Mary and me to be among this flock again and also to have very stimulating visits with several of the families, many of whom are hard-working farmers that hail from a Dutch background. We stayed in the cozy Airbnb apartment of Pastor Joel and Heidi Weaver. Joel is a PRTS alumni and serves as a much-loved pastor of this church.

We also visited with several pastors in the area and met with a group of young people and another group of young adults (pictured below). Pray for God’s continued blessing on Trinity URC!

Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 2

I am pleased to announce that Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 2 is now available.

In this volume, Paul Smalley and I cover the two branches of theology known as Anthropology (the doctrine of Humanity) and Christology (the doctrine of Christ). We unpack crucial doctrines such as creation, the image of God, man’s fall into sin, the Covenant of Grace, and the work of Christ.

As with Vol. 1, this book aims not only to feed the mind, but to fill the heart and lead the reader to a greater reverence of our God.

You can purchase the volume at

Ezra’s Exemplary Confession

A quotation from Dr. Beeke’s pre-election sermon, “Ezra’s Exemplary Confession” (Ezra 9:4-8), preached last Lord’s Day.

God’s Fall Splendor

Nearly all the trees around our home have lost their leaves, except this one, so we still have God’s fall splendor in November!