Aunt Charlotte

Our dear Aunt Charlotte passed away late Thursday evening at the age of 83. She was my mother-in-law’s sister. She held an important place in our family’s hearts. The kindness you see on her face is evidence of her sweet and generous heart. When she lived in Plymouth Manor, she was a friend to many and “Mum” to the seminary students. She also was very involved in serving our congregation. She took hospitality very seriously. When my wife was growing up, she was a sort of “second mom” to her, her siblings, and cousins. COVID and pneumonia, coupled with her Parkinson’s and asthma, were too much for her body to handle, in spite of the valiant efforts of the medical staff at Blodgett Hospital. I was able to be with her on Thursday morning to pastor her, though she responded very little. Mary continued by her side until 11:00 p.m. until she slipped peacefully away. She will be greatly missed. We entrust her to God’s mercy, grace, and tender lovingkindness.

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