Archives for November 27, 2020

Inundated with Books

Today I was in Kalamazoo, giving a funeral message for the family of Jake VanGiessen, a member of our church whom I have known for many years having grown up in the same church with him in Kalamazoo. A dear brother in Christ, Mr. VanGiessen moved to Grand Rapids some years ago to be near two of his three children. His third daughter is in Georgia with her husband, Mark Scholten, who is a Presbyterian pastor. He spoke edifyingly at graveside. Please remember the mourning family in your prayers.

When I arrived back in Grand Rapids, I discovered that Reformation Heritage Books was inundated with nearly 500 book orders today. These three young ladies worked hard at packing nearly all of them up today, so I quickly took a picture of them standing in the midst of books they packed up while Federal Express was picking them up in the background.

Pray for God’s blessing on all these books!