Archives for November 23, 2020

Congratulations to MohHerng (Morgan) Chee

Due to having to lead a funeral for my Aunt Charlotte VanSetten, I was not able to attend a special event at our Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary today.

We are pleased to announce that MohHerng (Morgan) Chee (second from right) successfully passed his PhD comprehensive examination under the leadership of Dr. Greg Salazar (with Dr. Neele, Dr. Myers, Dr. Van Doodewaard serving as examiners) this morning. He is the second of our Historical Theology PhD students to complete his comprehensive exam. Please join with us in congratulating Morgan on this high achievement.

Also, please keep Morgan and your family in your prayers as they transition on December 2 first to their home city, Penang, Malaysia, and then onto Taipei, Taiwan where Morgan will be serving as a professor at our partner institution, China Reformed Seminary.

Ore From the Puritans’ Mine

I am very excited to announce that “Ore from the Puritans’ Mine: The Essential Collection of Puritan Quotations,” compiled by Dale W. Smith (Reformation Heritage Books) finally arrived today! I have been looking forward to its arrival for a long time.

With over 3,000 quotations gathered from 250+ authors and divided into 400+ subjects, this is by far the best collection of Puritan quotations ever published. In addition, each quotation is followed by the source and page where it can be found so that the diligent reader can peruse it in its own context. Indexes of topics and authors make this storehouse of gold an easy-to-use reference.

Sinclair Ferguson calls it a treasure trove that is “encyclopedic, doctrinal, spiritual, devotional, and readable.” This is a must-have book for every believer.

Order your copy here: