Archives for November 6, 2020

Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 2

I am pleased to announce that Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 2 is now available.

In this volume, Paul Smalley and I cover the two branches of theology known as Anthropology (the doctrine of Humanity) and Christology (the doctrine of Christ). We unpack crucial doctrines such as creation, the image of God, man’s fall into sin, the Covenant of Grace, and the work of Christ.

As with Vol. 1, this book aims not only to feed the mind, but to fill the heart and lead the reader to a greater reverence of our God.

You can purchase the volume at

Ezra’s Exemplary Confession

A quotation from Dr. Beeke’s pre-election sermon, “Ezra’s Exemplary Confession” (Ezra 9:4-8), preached last Lord’s Day.