Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

The Queen and I are in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where Pastor Anthony Kidd from Los Angeles and I are delivering six messages on the theme, “Suffering and the Sovereignty of God,” for the Twin City Bible Church. (Anthony and I also spoke together at this conference two years ago; I thank God for his gifts and friendship.)

Last night I preached for the first time since recuperating from Covid-19, and felt helped by God both in content and in strength of voice (which is now up to about 80%). God is so very good, and we are deeply grateful.

We just had a delightful 2-hour lunch with the three couples above. From right to left are Anthony and Sherry Kidd, Pam and Carey Hardy, Danny and Emily Gumprecht. (Carey and Danny are two of the church’s four pastors.) Please pray for continued strength for us throughout this weekend, and going forward.

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