Archives for October 22, 2020

The Synod of Dort: Historical, Theological, and Experiential Perspectives

Today we received from a German publisher (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht) a book that I co-edited with Martin Klauber, “The Synod of Dort: Historical, Theological, and Experiential Perspectives” (235 pages). In addition to the editors, chapters are written by W. Robert Godfrey, Matthew Harding, Dan Borvan, Greg Salazar, R. Scott Clark, Michael Horton, Don Sinnema, David McWilliams, Charles Telfer, R. T. te Velde, and Joel Kim. Topics include the Synod of Dort on the free offer of the gospel, particular redemption, church and state, piety, Reformed experiential preaching, the Holy Spirit, and the French response, as well as strategic thinking and relevance of the Synod for today. This is a great book for the informed reader who wants to know more about this landmark international Synod but also serves as an introduction for the educated reader who knows little about this Synod. It contains a great deal of significant material that is applicable for the church today.