God is Our Refuge and Strength, a Very Present Help in Trouble

Dear friends.

This is Mary writing for my husband. You may have heard that we both have COVID-19. Joel has it far worse than me. I just have a little cough and I feel fine. His started almost two weeks ago. He had symptoms that we thought were due to a new medication he was taking for foot neuropathy. On Sunday morning, 9/20, he almost fainted in church. We took him to the emergency department, where he did actually faint. It was discovered he had atrial fibrillation, and he tested positive for COVID. He was admitted to the hospital for one day. Thankfully, his heart went back into a normal rhythm all by itself. He is on a blood thinner and will follow up with his cardiologist when he recovers from COVID, Lord willing.

So, he has been healing at home for one week now. It’s a slow process. Little improvements are seen. We are quarantining of course. He is coughing, very tired, and occasionally lightheaded. He sleeps well at night and takes several naps during the day. We are blessed to be able to take 2-3 walks a day. Last week we watched the leaves change in all their splendorous glory in the woods behind our house. We ate more meals on the deck than we have in the past year. Joel’s vitals are good, and his lungs are clear. We are under the care of excellent doctors. Hydration, nutrition, and rest are our part. Healing is God’s part. We are trusting Him.

We want to thank you so much for all the love, prayers, and caring you have showered upon us. Joel is starting to do a tiny bit of work. I ask that you not call him, as talking brings on coughing. We hope you understand that he is not able to answer emails at this time. We covet your prayers for healing and strength. He was very encouraged by the two sermons preached in our church yesterday, Dr. Kuivenhoven on Matthew 11:28-30 “The Magnetism of Christ” (or “Come Here”), and Dr. Barrett on Psalm 46 “Calm Down.” “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

We love the Lord, and we love you all.

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