Plymouth Christian School Graduation

Our Christian high school graduation (Plymouth Christian School in Grand Rapids) finally took place this morning, outside on school property, all in accord with the Michigan governor’s very strict rules. The 30+ graduates sat in a long row on top of a hill (see first picture), their parents on the bottom of hill, other relatives in cars and trucks behind the parents, and those of us involved in having a speaking role in the program sat behind the graduates. Most relatives had to listen on-line. It was all rather surreal, but the team of workers who put it all together did a great job and it actually turned out to be an edifying service.

The second picture is of the valedictorian, Olivia Yin, receiving her diploma. Her father is a graduate of our Puritan Reformed seminary and was recently ordained in our Heritage Reformed church to serve in a full-time position primarily as pastor of the Chinese fellowship group in the church. Please pray with us that the 13 years of education that most of these dear graduates have received in our church-sponsored school would bear much fruit for this life and even more for the better and eternal life to come.

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