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Puritan Reformed Theology: Historical, Experiential, and Practical Studies for the Whole of Life

I am grateful to announce that my new RHB title arrived today, “Puritan Reformed Theology: Historical, Experiential, and Practical Studies for the Whole of Life” (750 pages). It consists of 41 articles that I wrote for our Puritan Reformed Journal, as well as a 20-page introduction in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. Here are the contents:

1. The Age of the Spirit and Revival
2. Trust in the Incarnate Word
3. Our Glorious Adoption: Trinitarian-Based and Transformed Relationships
4. Gethsemane’s King-Lamb: A Sermon on John 18:7–8, 12–13a
5. The Man of Sin: 2 Thessalonians 2:1–12
6. Delighting in God: A Guide to Sabbath-Keeping

7. God-Centered Theology in the Ministry of the Word
8. Reading the Puritans
9. Godefridus Udemans: Life, Influence, and Writings
10. John Bunyan on Justification
11. Reformed Orthodoxy in North America
12. The Perspicuity of Scripture
13. Laurence Chaderton: His Life and Ecclesiology
14. Natural Theology: Some Historical Perspective

15. Calvin as an Experiential Preacher
16. The Puritans on Conscience and Casuistry
17. Assurance of Salvation: The Insights of Anthony Burgess
18. Wilhelmus à Brakel’s Biblical Ethics of Spirituality
19. Images of Union and Communion with Christ

20. Puritans on the Family: Recent Publications
21. Consider Christ in Affliction: An Open Letter to True Believers
22. Learning from the Puritans on Being Salt and Light
23. Puritans on Marital Love

24. God-Centered Adult Education
25. Plain Preaching Demonstrating the Spirit and His Power
26. How to Evaluate Your Sermons
27. Practical Application in Preaching
28. Authentic Ministry: Servanthood, Tears, and Temptations
29. Children in the Church
30. The Minister’s Helpmeet
31. Unprofessional Puritans and Professional Pastors: What the Puritans Would Say to Modern Pastors
32. Catechism Preaching
33. A Life in the Word
34. Why You and Your Family Should Go to Church: Biblical Answers to “Churchless Christianity”

35. Handling Error in the Church: Martin Downes Interviewing Joel R. Beeke
36. Practical Lessons for Today from the Life of Idelette Calvin
37. Rediscovering the Laity: The Reformation in the Pew and in the Classroom
38. In Commemoration of the Heidelberg Catechism’s 450th Anniversary: The Catechism as a Confession of Faith
39. How to Battle Hostility and Secularism
40. Busy but Fruitful: How to Manage Time
41. Nurturing Intimate Communication with Your Spouse

My good friend, Sinclair Ferguson, graciously writes of this book, “Here is a thesaurus of theological and spiritual riches. I feel sure that readers will find in it both theological treasure and spiritual pleasure.”