Archives for July 16, 2020

Christian Biographies for Young Readers – John Bunyan

We are excited to announce that RHB received another new title this afternoon in our popular “Christian Biographies for Young Readers” (Ages 7-12) by Simonetta Carr—this one being on John Bunyan. It is a gem—edifying, well-written, and beautifully illustrated. You will definitely want to read this aloud to your children and grandchildren—and you will be surprised at how much you too learn about Bunyan! Order yours here:

Wedding of Steve Timmer and Lydia Engelsma

Yesterday we had our third wedding in the last few weeks: Steve Timmer (my nephew) and Lydia Engelsma (daughter of our PRTS Board Chairman) too the sacred oath of marriage together. They are a promising, God-fearing couple, well suited for each other. Dr. Kuivenhoven spoke well on how the character of God should impact marriage from the last three verses of Psalm 33 and I had the privilege to give a short talk at the reception on “Ten Commandments for a Good Marriage.” Please pray for this dear couple that they will put God first, each other second, and themselves third in living out the principles of an Ephesians 5 marriage.