Archives for June 29, 2020

Installation of Five Elders and Four Deacons

Last evening we had a special service led by Dr. Kuivenhoven with the installation of five elders and four deacons. The one elder who has never served before is our son-in-law’s father and the one deacon who has never served before is our son, Calvin.

Our pastor spoke ably on “Gentle Servant Leadership” from 2 Timothy 2, the last three verses. The joy of serving the Lord’s bride often moves me to tears, and last night it did so again as we sang, “How beautiful doth Zion stand, /A city built compact and fair;/The people of the Lord unite/With joy and praise to worship there.”

To witness our son cast his lot in with the other men who commit to serving our Lord’s bride was truly a humbling moment for Mary and me. Pray for him as he embarks as a young man (at 29, he is the same age as my father and brother were when they became office-bearers) on this journey of service, together with his dear wife Laura—also as they expect their third child four weeks from now.    

Wedding of Aaron Wolters and Jessica De Waal

I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of Aaron Wolters and Jessica De Waal last Friday evening—a very dear God-fearing couple with lots of potential. At their request, I spoke on Ephesians 4:32 about “The Threefold Beauty of a Christian Marriage.” What a joy such weddings are for a pastor’s heart! Pray that God will bless them together mightily in Christ Jesus as they embark on living a life together for His glory.