William Perkins’s Works

I am very excited to announce that the last volume of William Perkins’s Complete Works (vol. 10; Reformation Heritage Books) has arrived! Perkins is often famously called “the father of Puritanism” for a host of reasons. Can you imagine what it would be like to have no access in our day to Calvin’s Institutes or Commentaries? Yet, for some odd, unknown reasons, Perkins’s Works have not been reprinted since the 17th century. What a privilege it has been for me to read and edit the entire set of Perkins’s incredible treatises over the past 7 years! I am almost sorry it is done! If you are a serious Christian and want to grow in grace, you won’t want to be without this set of books. To celebrate the completion of RHB’s largest task ever undertaken, together a team of typists, typesetters, and editors, we are offering this $500.00 set for only $280.00 for the next few weeks. Now is your time to take advantage of this incredible sale for the next few weeks before we revert to our normal discount price which will be considerably higher. https://linktr.ee/ReformationHeritage

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