Archives for March 14, 2020

PCRT (Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology) Conference

I preached three times for the PCRT (Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology) Conference today in a large empty church in Byron Center, Michigan, due to the Coronavirus. A few handfuls of people had special attention to attend—but happily 1800 people live-streamed the conference. The conference was on “Revelation: The Sovereign Reign of the Exalted Christ.” Rick Phillips, Phil Ryken, and Cornel Venema were the other speakers. Fourteen addresses were given in all (counting the pre-conference), over three days—mostly on the Book of Revelation. I was given the subjects, ”Lessons from the Letters to the Seven Churches (Rev. 2—3), “The Two Beasts (Rev. 13), and “The King’s Victorious Return and the Lamb’s Utopian Marriage” (Rev. 19). It was an unusual experience and I felt an emotional letdown afterward, but I am grateful that God has provided modern media in our day for people to still hear and watch His Word proclaimed in our modern day.

Mary and I enjoyed our lunch with Joseph Nwibo (right; one of our PRTS graduates who came all the way from Nigeria to attend the conference!), Rick Phillips (second from right; friend and organizer of the PCRT for the last 20 years), and Bob Brady (left; the behind-the-scenes-guy for PCRT).