Archives for March 12, 2020

Wilhelmus à Brakel’s “The Christian’s Reasonable Service” Back in Print!

Great news! RHB has just reprinted the four volumes of my favorite work (beside the Bible): Wilhelmus à Brakel’s “The Christian’s Reasonable Service”! This amazing, Reformed systematic theology was written in 1700 by a Dutch “puritan” for lay people and was as popular in the Netherlands as Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” was in England. This is Reformed, experiential, practical, pastoral, ethical teaching at its very best. If I could only have one set of books on a desert island, this would definitely be my choice. If you want your soul to be edified and grow in holiness, I know of nothing in all of English literature that can do you so much good as this set of books. The translation is outstanding—it reads like it was written yesterday. Read one or two chapters a week and, by the Spirit’s grace, you will be blessed indeed!

Puritan DVD Teaching Sessions and Q&A

Watch a video of two teaching sessions from the Puritan DVD pack along with a Q&A session from the recent Bethlehem College & Seminary Conference for Pastors + Church Leaders 2020, featuring Jason Meyer, Joe Rigney, and David Woollin.