Archives for March 5, 2020

Two New Titles at RHB

Two helpful, new titles have arrived while we were in Nashville and California.

RHB’s newest volume by Sarah Ivill on Romans for women’s Bible Study groups: These workbooks are becoming increasingly popular for women’s Study groups in Reformed churches.

Second, “The History and Theology of Calvinism” (EP) by my good friend, Curt Daniel—a 74 chapter, 900-page massive tome (with a thorough 135-page bibliography!) has also arrived. This volume is designed to introduce lay people and office-bearers to all the basics of the Reformed faith. I have had many conversations with Dr. Daniel over the last 30 years about this book, and am so glad that it is finally in print. In the first few days, we have already sold hundreds of copies. You will enjoy this book immensely: