Visiting the Pyramids

This morning we went to see the Egyptian pyramids, which are more than impressive. In all, there are 80 pyramids in Egypt. The three largest make up the Giza Pyramid Complex in Cairo. Some are so old, that they would have been built before Abraham lived, and he probably would have seen them. The Great Pyramid is the tomb of King Khufu, and it was built 4,560 years ago. It is 455 feet high and the length of each side of the base measures 756 feet.

Sherif and Marian, Mark and Rosie, Mary and I were privileged to visit the three most famous of these impressively engineered structures. So many ancient people had to focus all their time and energy on survival, but the Egyptians had the Nile River nearby, so they had ready sources of food and water. Thus, they had time and energy to devote to inventions and expanding their knowledge. Until today, however, no one can fully explain how they built these amazing structures.

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