ThM Course on Reformed Experiential Preaching in Cairo, Egypt

Since Monday I have been enjoying teaching all day each day an intense 3-credit ThM course on Reformed Experiential Preaching at the Cairo, Egypt branch of the Alexandria School of Theology to 15 students—mostly Egyptian ministers and teachers. The course is about 24 hours of lecturing; I hope to complete the last hours of teaching tomorrow. In this picture, the students are holding up my book on Reformed experiential preaching, which serves as the main text for the course.

The course is one of many that our professors hope to teach at this school which is now being established as an ATS-approved extension campus of PRTS for the Middle East for the ThM program. We have also been approved for three other extension campus sites for the ThM program which our professors are teaching at as well—one in Brazil to represent Latin America, one in London to cover Europe, and one in Taiwan to serve students from South Korea, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Please pray that God’s blessing may rest upon these extension sites in general and this class in particular to His glory and the extension and maturation of His kingdom.

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