On our safari trip today in Nakuru, Kenya, we came upon a group of zebras on the road, so we stopped and our driver George turned the engine off. We sighted a family of giraffes off to the right. Suddenly the zebras spooked and ran off behind us. Then the giraffes took off running—almost floating it seemed. We heard a low rumbling. Suddenly, dozens of impala came racing by. And then a number of monkeys, and they didn’t seem to know which way to run. The rumble grew louder, as about a hundred water buffalo came thundering by. Most were off to our right but a bunch crossed the road in front of us. A few paused to gaze at us. George said, “I don’t like this. This stampede can be bad.” Nonetheless, it was truly exhilarating!

Within five minutes, all the excitement subsided. As we sighed and moved on, we looked for what might have caused the stampede, but found nothing. We were truly amazed to see these hundreds of powerful creatures that God has created running at full speed right past us! You don’t want to miss this short video! Watch and then praise our amazing Creator!

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