Safe Arrival in Cairo, Egypt

We arrived safely in Cairo, Egypt today where we were greeted by Mark and Rosie (on the right of Mary) and later by Sherif and Marian (on the left)—all dear friends to us. Both of the men are graduates from PRTS whom God is blessing and using for His glory. After a few hours of catch-up sleep from the red-eye flight from Kenya, the six of us went down the Nile in a boat—one of the most historic and longest rivers in the world. It is the first time in our lives that we were on it. When on the Nile, one cannot but think of how this river was once turned into blood, or about Moses being drawn from this river as a baby! The banks of the Nile in Cairo contain a surprising number of significant buildings packed full with history—side-by-side with a McDonald’s. In America, something that is 100 years old is considered old; in Europe, 300-500 years is considered old; in Egypt, old means 1000 years or more!

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