On Safari in Kenya

Since the Leaders’ Conference does not start until tomorrow here in Nakuru, Kenya, we (Conrad Mbewe, the Paulks, the pastor’s wife Margaret, and our 1990 Toyota Land Rover driver George, and the Queen and I) went on a safari today—and did it ever prove to be exhilarating!

Lake Nakuru National Park is a shallow alkaline lake in the Great Rift Valley. It is known for being home to thousands of flamingos, which we saw from a distance. We saw many other animals and scores of stunningly beautiful birds as well. The most common were warthogs, zebras, impalas, water buffalos, and giraffes. We were able to get close to nearly all of them. One of the highlights was a white rhino that came dangerously close to the car right in front of us. But the most exciting part I will save for the next post a few hours from now!

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