A Tense Moment on Safari

(Written by Mary) On the safari yesterday, we were tooling along in an open valley. It was getting warmer. George seemed to be having trouble getting the Land Rover to go more than 5 mph. Then it slowed to a stop. It was running but wouldn’t go forward. There were some water buffalo and impala about 40 yards to the right, so George said, “It’s clear and open, I’ll check it out.” He got out, walked five feet, turned around, and got right back into the driver’s seat. “There’s a black rhino coming out of the woods. They are rare, and they are dangerous.” It was tense (or exciting, depending on your perspective) for about ten minutes as the rhino meandered towards us, checking us out, looking away, coming within 50 yards of us, and finally lumbering away. George and Schel got out and started working on the fuel line, blowing and sucking through the fuel pump, and listening for bubbles in the tank. The water buffalo were curious and came a bit closer. I was ready to holler if they charged. Finally, the guys dislodged some debris in the tank that was blocking the fuel from flowing, started it up, pushed the accelerator, and it roared to life. We were on our way again!!

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