Archives for February 10, 2020

Ain Shams Presbyterian Evangelical Church

On Sunday evening, we were driven one hour to another part of Cairo, to Mark and Rosie Abdo’s apartment, where Rosie cooked us a delicious meal. Along the way, men were stationed on tops of buildings along the busy road. Sherif thought a dignitary, maybe the President, was expected to pass by. I preached in Mark’s home church, Ain Shams Presbyterian Evangelical Church, on Jesus maturing the faith of believers, with Sherif interpreting into Arabic. A man came up to us afterward saying, “I am going through a deep trial, but now I feel God’s strength and encouragement.” The other picture is of Sherif and I chatting with a friendly man who wanted to make sure I was being well taken care of!

Preaching in Cairo, Egypt

Yesterday, on Lord’s Day morning, I preached in a Reformed Anglican church in Cairo, Egypt (see picture). Presbyter Steve (on my right), together with another minister, led the liturgy. The liturgy was considerably longer than we are familiar with but was both biblical and Reformed in its theology. From their perspective, I am sure my sermon was longer than what they were familiar with—even though it was a bit shorter than my norm. As a result, the service was a full two hours. Afterward, we engaged in fellowship with the multicultural flock hailing from as far away as the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States.