Romans 8:33-35

A lady from our church had one of my colleague’s sermons (Rev. Bart Elshout) stuck in her CD player for 1.5 years. It was preached on Romans 8:33-35 in 2005 in Grand Rapids. Because it was stuck that’s the only thing she could listen to, but she loved it every time. She has listened to it at least 40 times. Last week, she hit a bump with her truck, and the CD popped out!

This past Sunday morning, as she drove to our church she missed that familiar sermon (it was just the right length for her long ride to church) and was a bit sad that the CD popped out. She thinks the whole world should hear it. Imagine her surprise when she got to church, saw the sermon notes, and heard me announce that I was preaching on Romans 8:34! 😊

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