Archives for January 18, 2020

Dr. Mark Kelderman

Yesterday, our Dean of Students and Spiritual Formation, Mark Kelderman, sustained his oral defense for a Doctor of Ministry degree in counseling at Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh. His thesis was on how to establish a biblical Master of Arts counseling program at the seminary level—a study that we hope to use in a very tangible way at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, as we envision establishing such a program, with God’s help, in the near future, which we trust will serve to the welfare of many churches and people through students trained to be biblical counselors. Here Dr. Kelderman is rejoicing with his wife Donna at the good news. Congratulations, dear brother and sister, and may God use your degree, brother, for the welfare of many in the future!

G3 Conference in Atlanta

Back safely with the Queen from the G3 Conference held in Atlanta the last few days. Despite fighting a weakening voice, I was privileged to speak on the Puritan view of public worship, family worship, and private worship to the 5000 hungry attendees (most of whom attended all 12 addresses in 50 hours!), as well as to do a QA session with three other speakers.

Additional speakers who addressed various facets of the critical subject of worship included John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, Derek Thomas, Josh Buice, Tim Challies, James White, Phil Johnson, Tom Ascol, and Costi Hinn. Steve Lawson’s address on Romans 11:36 brought us to the vestibule of heaven.

I also did a radio interview (Mary snuck a picture) for the upcoming Puritan Conference on June 2-5, 2020, D.V., that is a joint effort of John MacArthur’s team and RHB/PRTS to be held in MacArthur’s church (you won’t want to miss this conference—registration is opening very soon!), and had scores of opportunities to speak with dear friends, make some new ones, sell numerous books, and receive humbling testimonies from people from various states and countries who have been blessed by our books. All-in-all, it was quite a remarkable and humbling conference for us. God is so good; despite the darkness of our day in many circles, He is working salvation and spiritual maturity in many souls all over the world.