Archives for January 10, 2020

God is Good

I felt helped in delivering the last two of five messages at the Crieff conference in Scotland yesterday. God is good. We also enjoyed having a meal with Sam and Carolyn Poon, and their two children (see picture). A graduate of our seminary, Sam is completing a PhD here in Scotland, and hopes to return to Singapore this year to minister there. Last night we had dinner and an evening of fellowship with some dear friends who have a like passion for sound Reformed literature. The Lord willing, we are hoping to focus on increasing our RHB publications of Scottish Reformed and Covenanter classics in coming years, which will include the major project of “The Complete Works of Samuel Rutherford” in 12 volumes of close to 1000 pages per volume, and several books by James Durham and others. Pray that God will bless these efforts for a reformation and revival in these dark and needy days in Scotland where the gospel once flourished so abundantly. Please pray too for our safe return home tomorrow from Scotland via Chicago to Grand Rapids—despite the winter storm warnings for Chicago—so that I can install one of our former theological students, Rev. Brian Najapfour, on Lord’s Day morning at Eastmanville URC, and preach to our own dear flock in the evening. How we need the Lord every hour and every day!