Archives for January 6, 2020

Why Should We Sing Psalms?

Today I received a translation of my little book, “Why Should We Sing Psalms?” in the Urdu language for Christians in Pakistan. The brother who translated it is keen to see more Christian churches in Pakistan include the singing of psalms in their worship services.

On Our Way to Scotland

My Queen wanted to take this picture of me in the garage coming home from the seminary, getting packed for us going to Scotland this afternoon to preach five times at the Crieff Conference for ministers and elders. Your prayers are coveted.

Nick & Maria

Saturday afternoon the Queen and I drove two hours to Livonia, Michigan to attend the wedding of Nick and Maria, two sweet godly Christian friends who are members of an OPC church there. Nick is of Hispanic descent and Maria is of Jordanian descent. A kinder couple one could scarcely ever meet. After the wedding, which was very edifying, they graciously asked me to open with prayer at their reception. I got to know them when Nick wrote me almost a year ago now and said that he and Maria would be attending Sproul’s Ligonier Conference and would I be willing, after I spoke at the conference, to come down from the pulpit to meet them with one of my marriage books in hand, and would I write these words on the title page: “Will you marry me?” Well, that’s what happened, and when she read these words, he dropped down on one knee, and right there he proposed to her in front of us with hundreds of people in the background! It was great. And would you believe that part of their honeymoon will now be attending the G3 conference (Jan. 16-18), where I hope to be speaking, so that I will meet them again there, D.V. God’s ways are above our ways! Pray that God will bless them with a long, God-honoring, Christ-exalting, Word-based, fruitful marriage.