Archives for December 2, 2019

Michigan Snowfall

God brought us a significant Michigan snowfall (6 inches fell in 3 hours early yesterday morning!) to introduce us to December. Pray for our seminary as we enter the last week of lectures and then final exams, and as we enter a few intense weeks of fund-raising. How utterly dependent we are on God in both the realm of nature and the realm of grace!

Spanish Family Worship Bibles Sent to Cuba

We are excited to report that the shipment of our Spanish Family Worship Bibles that Reformation Heritage Books sent to Cuba has finally reached the hands and homes of Cubans. Here is one church that is rejoicing over receiving it! Thank the Lord for the donor that helped make this possible and pray that God may bless these Bibles abundantly to the Cuban people and others throughout Spain and Latin America.

The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth

I’ve had the privilege of being the editor of the Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth for over 25 years.

The Banner is a family periodical, published bi-monthly, that provides solid biblical truth for every age group. Each 48-page issue contains 16 pages devoted to a particular theme, as well as a wide variety of articles and topics, including a meditation, Old and New Testament Bible studies, family guidance, doctrinal and practical Christianity, questions answered for teens and adults, Christian worldview, and a children’s section with a meditation, Bible quiz, and stories.

Subscriptions are very reasonable at only $25 a year for 6 issues, and would also make an excellent gift idea for your loved ones. You can subscribe on the Banner website at the following link: