Igreja Presbiteriana do Grã-Duquesa Church

Yesterday was a very special day for us in Governador Valadares, Brazil where I had the privilege of preaching twice, together with my able translator, Juliano (second from right in first picture), for the Igreja Presbiteriana do Grã-Duquesa church. Church was overflowing in the evening, and there seemed to be a more than usual amount of impression and tears at both services. We truly felt that the Lord was in the midst of us. Here I am with the pastors and elders of the church after the evening service (the senior pastor, “Richard,” is on my left in the first picture). We also had a blessed time at two homes of church families for the noon and evening meals. Please continue to pray for us as we move on to another conference in Franca (about an hour from São Paulo), for “Pastor Paul Jr.,” commencing on Thursday.

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