Fellowshipping with Paulo Silva Jr.

Mary and I spent last night at the home of Paulo Silva Jr. and his wife Susanna in Franco, Brazil, enjoying fellowship with them and the two pastors (Pastor Danilo and Pastor Cunha) who work with him. Paulo Jr.’s preaching ministry has made a profound impact in Brazil and beyond, especially through YouTube. On average, 50,000 people listen to the sermons he preaches, and some of them go viral, getting anywhere from 1,000,000 up to 4,000,000 listeners. Many people view him as “the Paul Washer” of Brazil as their preaching styles are similar, and God has used the convicting and evangelistic preaching of both of them for the conversion of many souls. The three pastors and I spent three hours last evening recording videos for YouTube. Paulo Jr. (see picture with him) asked me questions primarily on three subjects: (1) a variety of my books published in Portuguese—especially the new family worship Bible and the newly published books on Reformed Preaching and assurance of faith, (2) PRTS’s combined ThM degree with the Martin Bucer Seminary in Brazil, and (3) on various Puritan subjects—particularly on why Brazilians should be reading the Puritans today. Pray with me for God’s continued, remarkable blessing on Paulo Jr.’s ministry and that tens of thousands of people will be influenced for good by these videos—especially those that focus on the Puritans stress on the need for godly living.

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