Calvary Covenant Church in Franca, Brazil

Yesterday evening I gave my first of four addresses on Puritan Sanctification at the Calvary Covenant Church (where Paulo Silva, Jr. serves as senior pastor), in Franca, Brazil, to about 600 people present, with another 5000+ listening online. More than 20,000 had listened on YouTube by the time we were in the restaurant after the service (see link below). The YouTube connections this church has are simply amazing—they have one of the largest listening audiences in the world.

The conference also ordered several hundred copies of a variety of my books in Portuguese. Nearly all of them sold out in the first hour after this first service, including all 50 copies of our Family Worship Study Bible in Portuguese. People were surrounding the book table several rows deep (see picture).

Mary gave her first of two addresses (“Kindness to the Least of These”) as well this afternoon to about 150 women, and was also received very warmly. Pastor Denilo did a great job of translating both of us. Mary’s book on “The Law of Kindness” in Portuguese also sold out this evening.

God is so good. I just love to see people walking away with good reading material, and especially the Bible, determined, with God’s help, to start daily family worship. Please pray that God will continue to use this weekend in a mighty way, and continue to greatly bless Pastor Paulo Jr.’s ministry.

The sermon can be viewed on YouTube here:

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