Archives for November 2, 2019

27th Annual Reformation Celebration

Yesterday Mary and I flew south, where we are serving 250 folk at the Audubon Drive Bible Church’s (pastored by our good friend, Rev. Jerry Marcellino) “27th Annual Reformation Celebration” in Laurel, Mississippi this weekend. Another good friend, Dr. Joey Pipa, is the other speaker. Together we have preached seven of eleven messages so far. He has spoken well on “The Reformation and the Light of the Gospel,” “Definitive Sanctification” (an excellent message on Rom. 6:1-14), and “Female Piety” (for a women’s luncheon). I have spoken on “Ten Reasons Why the Reformation is Important,” ”The Puritans on God’s Holiness and Ours,” “Perseverance: Practical Lessons from John Bunyan’s Life,” and “Knowing Christ, Following Christ, and Assurance in Christ” (this last address was just for young people [see first picture] in the home of a delightful and hospitable couple, Mr. and Dr. Thib, who hail originally from Uganda [see second picture]—he was a professional tennis player and now works as a tennis trainer and she is a pediatrician).

Dr. David Murray

Dr. David Murray, professor of Practical Theology at PRTS, sustained his oral examinations for a PhD dissertation on Matthew Henry yesterday in the Netherlands. Here he is with his dissertation supervisor, Dr. Willem van Vlastuin. Hearty congratulations to you, David and Shona, from the faculty, staff, and students here at PRTS—well done! May God bless your work abundantly.