NCFIC Conference

The NCFIC Conference in Ridgecrest, NC

We arrived safely back from our PRTS tour group with forty friends, visiting Reformed, Puritan and Pilgrim sites throughout New England, on Wednesday evening, and found ourselves winging our way less than 12 hours later early on Thursday morning to speak for the NCFIC conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at this conference for ten years in a row now. This conference draws about 1500 attendees, more than half of which are children and teenagers. Nearly all present are home-schooling families, many of which have anywhere from six to sixteen children.

This year’s theme is “Hope for the Family: Navigating Through Cultural Chaos.” I spoke yesterday morning on “How to Use and Abuse This World and Its Culture” and this morning I hope to speak on “Following God Fully.” Other plenary speakers are Scott Brown, Al Mohler, Jeff Pollard, John Snyder, Clarence Simmons, Anthony Mathenia, Jason Dohm, and Carlton McLeod. Several of the messages we have heard so far have been outstanding. Our new Puritan Documentary and other books have been selling well in the book room. Pray that God will richly bless this conference to many families.

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