Adoniram Judson and Salem, Massachusetts

Thursday was a full day of sights and travel for our PRTS New England tour. We first traveled to Salem, Massachusetts to visit Tabernacle Congregational Church (first picture below) where Adoniram Judson and five other men were commissioned as the first American missionaries in 1812.

The interior of Tabernacle Congregational Church in Salem, MA

Dr. Michael Haykin gave us a great lecture on Adoniram and his remarkable wife Ann. After that we visited a historic room of memorabilia related to Judson. In the second picture below, my right-hand helper on this trip, PRTS student Kenneth Kiambati, is kneeling beside the famous bench on which the six missionaries were ordained in 1812.

PRTS student Kenneth Kiambati kneels beside the famous “Missionary Settee” in the Tabernacle Congregational Church in Salem, MA.

We then went to see the historic waterfront where a ship replica like the one used by Adoniram Judson when he traveled to Burma (now Myanmar) is located. After that we went through downtown Salem, where we saw the first meeting house erected in Salem, where Roger Williams and Hugh Peters preached (third picture below).

Plaque showing the location of The First Meeting House, erected in Salem, MA in 1634.

Salem needs our prayers today. I talked at some length with a local policeman who said that some of its inhabitants despise all the attention given to its witchcraft history, others are indifferent to it, and still others feel that various places in the city are haunted. Liberalism is rampant.

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