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Princeton Cemetery

Group photo at Princeton Cemetery
Gravestone of Charles Hodge
Gravestones of B. B. Warfield and his wife

From Princeton University our PRTS tour group walked several blocks to the renowned Princeton Cemetery, established in 1757, and now owned and operated by Nassau Presbyterian Church, where we took a group picture (first picture). The cemetery contains the graves of several Princeton College presidents and some of their wives, including Jonathan Edwards and Samuel Davies, as well as long row of professors who served at Princeton Seminary, including Archibald Alexander and Charles Hodge (second picture). We also were grateful to find the gravestones of Benjamin B. Warfield and his wife (third picture, with Michael Haykin). Dr. Haykin and I gave a half dozen mini-lectures at these different gravesites. It was a humbling, moving, and encouraging morning.

Princeton University

Princeton Chapel
Statue of John Witherspoon
Senate Hall at Nassau Hall
President’s Home

Tuesday began with a memorable PRTS tour group visit to Princeton University in New Jersey, where a guide took us to the famous Princeton Chapel (first picture), an impressive statue of John Witherspoon who served as president at Princeton and was the only minister to sign the Declaration of Independence (second picture), Princeton’s oldest building (Nassau Hall) which includes the president’s office and the Senate Hall (third picture), and the President’s Home where Jonathan Edwards, Samuel Davies, Ashbel Green, and other seminary presidents and luminaries lived (fourth picture).

Tour of Yale University and Jonathan Edwards Center

Jon Hinkson and Joel Beeke

Monday was an outstanding day on our PRTS tour, as our group visited Yale University where we were treated to an amazing, informative, passionate two-hour tour by Jon Hinkson on Yale’s campus about the university’s Reformed orthodox and godly beginnings and then its subsequent history in which liberalism and heresy won the day (first picture). It was perhaps the best tour presentation I have ever heard; we learned so much, both about our godly mentors and about the dangers of liberalism.

Jonathan Edwards Center lecture

After that, we visited the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale, where JEC’s director gave us a very helpful 1.5 hour lecture on all that they (Dr. Minkema and Dr. Neele, etc.) are doing to promote Edwards’s writings around the world (second picture). Pray earnestly that God will continue to use PRTS to promote the very Reformed orthodox, experiential truths that Yale was originally founded on and that we will not undergo mission drift from that foundation.