Archives for October 14, 2019

Visiting with the Duncan Family

This past weekend Mary and I also had several visits between addresses with folk in Greenville, South Carolina. One of our most memorable visits was with Shirley Duncan (first picture below), the 87-year-old matriarch of the well-known Duncan family. They have three gifted sons—Ligon, John, and Mel. Mel and Linda are a wonderful couple to visit with (second picture above). Mel serves as an administrator and assistant to Dr. Phillips at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville.  

Greenville Conference of Reformed Theology

Back safely today with Mary from speaking this past weekend at the Greenville Conference of Reformed Theology, sponsored by the Second Presbyterian Church—a congregation of 600 members pastored by Dr. Richard Phillips (center in picture), who is in his 13th year of ministry there. Dr. Phillips spoke on “The Sacrifice of the Cross” and Dr. Steve Pettit (right in picture), president of Bob Jones University, spoke on “The Suffering of the Cross” from Psalm 22. I gave four addresses related to Christ’s precious atonement. It was a blessed weekend.