Archives for October 11, 2019

Homeschool Family Relationships Online Summit

Have you signed up for the Homeschool Family Relationships Online Summit yet? The summit runs from October 14 to 19 next week and is completely free! It will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships. 25+ top authors & speakers have recorded sessions for this event. I have recorded a session on the subject of “God’s Recipe for a Happy Marriage.” For more information, and to sign up for free:

17,500 families are signed up so far.

The Glory of Christ’s Precious Blood

The Bible is a blood-soaked book. In this sermon I explain that that the culmination of the theme of blood in the Bible is the “precious blood of Christ” (1 Pet. 1:19) and the unique centrality, cost, and capability of Christ’s blood.