Archives for October 1, 2019

“B. B. Warfield” by Simonetta Carr

Just arrived a few hours ago: Simonetta Carr has done it again—a captivating, beautiful book for children ages 7-12 on Benjamin B. Warfield, called “the Lion of Princeton” due to his staunch defense of the Reformed faith. This is the fifteenth excellent book in her series, “Christian Biographies for Younger Readers,” that she is writing for Reformation Heritage Books. The illustrations by Matt Abraxas are superlative. You and your children won’t want to miss this one: 

“Brownlow North: The All-Round Evangelist”

“Brownlow North: The All-Round Evangelist” is a new, page-turning book written about this passionate evangelist whose “Wilt Thou Go with This Man?” was used greatly in my life when I was a soldier stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey, some 48 years ago. I loved editing this new book by my good friend, Geoff Thomas. If you want to read one more stirring biography before year end, let this be the one!