PRTS and Pastors’ Academy Announce Accreditation of the Master’s (ThM) Program

Grand Rapids, MI / London, UK

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (“PRTS”), and the Pastors’ Academy at London Seminary (“PA”) today announced the accreditation of the Master’s (ThM) Program in London, UK.

The ThM program of PRTS in London has been accredited by the Association of Theological Schools offering three tracks of study: Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, and Historical Theology.

Joel R. Beeke, President of PRTS, says, “We trust that, by God’s grace, this accredited program in London will stress both solid Reformed academic training and vital piety, and will serve to strengthen the church and the academy in unprecedented ways.”

The program will be served by the faculties of PRTS and the PA. Garry Williams, Director of the Pastors’ Academy in London, writes, “The accredited ThM program will bring the deep, theological resources of PRTS within reach of students in the UK, especially pastors seeking to enrich their preaching and teaching ministries. The program will immediately open up the range of theological disciplines that we can offer in London, including Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, and Historical Theology. We are grateful to God for providing PRTS as a generous and zealous partner for furthering the cause of theological training in the UK and beyond.”

About Pastors’ Academy

London Seminary was founded in 1977 and the work of the Pastors’ Academy began in 1999. The Academy seeks to serve the health of the church and the glory of Christ by providing ongoing theological training and pastoral support to pastors after their initial seminary training.

About Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Founded in 1995, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is an accredited educational institution for granting the MA, MDiv, ThM, and PhD degrees. Its mission is to prepare students worldwide to serve Christ and His church through biblical, experiential, and practical ministry. The seminary has approximately 160 students, ten professors, twenty well-known scholars as adjunct faculty, and a support staff of twelve.

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