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Dinner With Friends in New Jersey

Just arrived home with the Queen from New Jersey.

Last night we had a great steak dinner (yes, medium rare!) with our gracious hosts, John and Deb VanVugt (sitting furthest away—friends for decades), their son David and Olivia (who are engaged to be married next September—to the right of the parents), and their daughter Barb (on the left, who is engaged to be married next summer to a young man from our church, Phil Bleeker, in Grand Rapids—a small world indeed). So, by next fall the VanVugts will be empty-nesters, D.V. (Mary took the picture—hence the vacated place.)

After dinner, we spent the evening at the Free Reformed Church, where I gave a presentation on Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary for the Heritage Reformed and Free Reformed churches at the latter’s church in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, after which a (generous) free-will offering took place, for which we are grateful. We thoroughly enjoyed our busy weekend but are also grateful to arrive home a few minutes ago to get ready for a lecture on the Heidelberg Catechism in a few hours.

“Reaching the World for Christ” Conference

Over the weekend, Dr. Gabe Fluhrer (a very good, powerful speaker, who is Derek Thomas’s assistant pastor in Columbia, South Carolina) and I spoke three times each for a conference on evangelism titled “Reaching the World for Christ,” sponsored by the Heritage Reformed Congregation of Kinnelon, New Jersey. Dr. Fluhrer spoke on “The ‘Must’ of Evangelism,” on “Defending the Faith,” and on “Living in Hope.” I spoke on “Calvin’s Evangelism,” on “Being All Things to All Men,” and on “The Spirit’s Age and Revival.” It was a nostalgic time for us as this church is part of the church that I served for 5.5 years 33 years ago, so it was great re-connecting with many old friends, including the two hospitable couples who hosted us, Dave and Gerda VandeVrede and John and Deb VanVugt. Here we are with two former PRTS graduates and their spouses and children who are serving in this area.

Judges-Ruth Journible Now Available

The Judges-Ruth Journible by Rob Wynalda and me just arrived. Pray that God will continue to use the writing out of His Word and the questions asked in these books to fulfil His promise in Deuteronomy 17:18-20 that the writing and reading of His Word will be a great blessing for people all over the globe.

Learning About Marriage from Our Spiritual Fathers

We have much to learn from the Puritans. This is especially true in our understanding of marriage and family—the Puritans wrote 29 books on these subjects! In this important message, “Learning About Marriage from our Spiritual Fathers,” I show how important the biblical view of marriage was to the Puritans. These theological giants preached, wrote, and counseled extensively on this vitally important institution and we would benefit greatly if we listened to their biblical instruction and applied it to our marriages today.