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2018 Rhine Reformation Tour

Join me on a beautiful and inspiring tour of historic Reformation locations in Europe this coming summer.

To sign up, go to Witte Travel, and enter tour code: 070918BEEK.

Justification: A Driving Force Behind the Reformation

A driving force behind the Reformation was the doctrine of justification by faith alone. The Reformers grasped that God declares sinners righteous through their faith in Christ alone, apart from their good works. This exposed the false teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and unleashed the power of the gospel in the lives of the people.

Reformation Tour: Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Love for God and love for people burned brightly in the heart of Scottish pastor, Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813–1843). Though his life was short, his impact was large and continues today through his biography and writings.

Reformation Tour: George Wishart

George Wishart (d. 1546) risked his life preaching the gospel across Scotland until caught by the authorities and killed. A highly educated theologian, his greatest legacy was to strengthen the resolve of Scottish Reformers such as John Knox to give their all for the truth of Christ.

Reformation Tour: The Martyrdom of Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton (d. 1528) gave his life to be burned at the stake for his gentle but firm insistence that we are saved by faith in Christ alone. His martyr’s death awakened many to seriously consider evangelical Christianity.

Reformation Tour: The Courage of John Knox

Scottish Reformer John Knox (d. 1572) was said to fear the face of no man. His perseverance in proclaiming Reformation truth was instrumental in winning Scotland to biblical religion.